Monday, January 25, 2010


It was raining cats and dogs today! So I decided not to go to work. Completely legit, don't worry - I didn't fake sick or anything. I have a few comp days owed to me from working some weekend conferences recently. And who wants to go to work in the rain? Definitely not me.

After a lazy morning, waiting for the rain to slow down, I headed out to run some errands in the afternoon. I decided to first hit up the local Duane Reade drugstore, where they have a weekly special on dish soap ($0.99!), so I loaded up (and saved $3.19). That was nice. I had decided that I would make some spanakopitas for lunches this week. I've never made them before, but I had a freezer full of spinach, some feta in the fridge, and an adventurous spirit. All I needed was some phyllo.

I walked down to the Key Food next to Sunset Park - I had never been to that one before, but it was close to the Duane Reade so I thought I'd investigate the goods. And what a treat! Compared to my closer grocery stores, it was huge and stocked full of organic things. They even carried H.'s favorite chocolate sorbet, so I stocked up. I am a good wife, despite an occasional joke suggesting I would burn the works of Dostoevsky.

But here was a brief failure: I didn't look at the price tag on the phyllo dough until I got home. $4.59! Highway robbery. I happened to notice at the Turkish grocery store on the weekend that phyllo ran about $2.50, so I won't be buying it from the Key Food again anytime soon. Bleh. So much for all that saved money at the Duane Reade...

Anyway. I made my way home, soaked and also sweating (it was 60 degrees out), through the streets of umbrella carnage (it was also very windy), and I tried to take a nap. But I couldn't, because I had already taken a nap earlier in the day (what's wrong with two naps?), so I got to work on my spanakopitas.

And they were easy! Except for the phyllo dough, which is a pain in the ass. Maybe I'm too forceful with it, but it always tears apart. I don't have a delicate touch for dough. Oh well. My spanakopitas were a little more like spanaburritos -are they supposed to be triangle shaped? I didn't bother trying that, since the phyllo was not cooperating. And as I rolled my spanaburritos, the sun came out and shone onto them. And I had to take a picture.

Isn't it lovely? I took another photo:

And they were delicious! Here's one in the process of being eaten. It's quite a sultry photo.

I even made my own tzatziki! Fancy. It is so, sooo, soooo good. I used this recipe, and she's right, it is the world's best. And it was easy. Remember Merve, the yogurt from the other day? Here's a photo of Merve being strained.

Fab. I didn't take an after picture of the tzatziki, because I was too busy licking the bowl. So good!

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