Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cake Walk

I shall try to cook, save and covet something - all in this post, to make up for almost a week of silence.

Let's begin with some saving.

H. and I went to Target yesterday for some early morning coupon-usage.

Wow! Lots of coupons - most of which I didn't use because they didn't have what I wanted at Target. Seems unlikely, doesn't it? Not to find what you want at Target? I know. H. hates Target, and I hate it on weekends - but it turns out nobody goes there before 11am on a Saturday. Nothing else in Atlantic Terminal is open yet (except McDonald's), so I guess the appeal of just Target isn't strong enough for the crowds. It is for me though.

I did learn something else very important - Target has the cheapest organic milk of anywhere I've seen. $2.99 last week while on sale (and the true impetus for a visit to Target), but regularly only $3.49. Poor H. is doomed to many more trips to Target. Have a I really come to this? Blogging about the price of milk? Yes.

I'm also reduced to getting absurdly excited at those "You saved" bits at the end of my receipts:

Wheee! $6.84 in savings! I will now post a video of watching paint dry. Not really, don't worry.

For lunch over the next few days I made these delightful (delightful!) salmon cakes from the Whole Foods email I signed up for. They're delicious, though kind of salty - my fault. H. and have been discussing what kind of sauce we could eat them with - tartar might be obvious, but neither of us are keen. I'm going to try mixing a cilantro chutney with good old Merve from last week. Merve gets around. I think that might be good.

Here's me cakes:

Want more? Yes please!

Time to covet. With my birthday only 12 days away, my coveting is truly in overdrive. Was that a shamless plug for my birthday? Absolutely. February 12 - write it down. Anyway, here's something small that I love. These adorable bird prints from Lumadessa

I've almost bought them a number of times. They're pretty cheap, I know. And I could probably spare the $20 - but I can't buy just one. I want lots of them. I won't buy any until I can buy lots. Lovely lovely lovely.

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