Saturday, January 23, 2010


You know who never has coupons, or sales?

Oh well. They do have all variety of Turkish groceries, including the always delicious Turkish cookies. Not sure what they're called in Turkish. Cokoprens Turta? Something like that. They're delicious, and I highly recommend everyone run out to their local Turkish grocery store and stock up on these babies.

But that isn't the point today. And, in fact, I didn't buy any of these today. I just wanted to think about them for a minute. Mmmmm.

H. and I headed over to the butcher to pick up some lamb for nihari. Nihari has yogurt in it, and since we were at the Turkish store we bought some Turkish yogurt. Meet Merve:

Not organic, but I should probably clarify something about the dairy experiment. I'm only trying to avoid rBGH, so I look for organic dairy because I know it doesn't have synthetic hormones - but things don't necessarily have to be organic to not use milk from cows treated with rBGH. Ben & Jerry's, for example, only uses milk from cows not treated with synthetic hormones. And this Turkish yogurt does not have any rBGH milk in it.

In fact, rBGH is banned in the European Union, so I can freely eat cheese in all member countries. It's also not used in Canada - though milk products like cheese can be made from dairy sourced in the U.S. and therefore potentially synthy hormonal. Here in the U.S., unless it's marked otherwise, I have to assume the dairy comes from treated cows. Isn't that weird? That so many places ban it, but not here? Unsavory.

I also learned today that Starbucks doesn't use any milk from treated cows. Isn't that interesting? And good for me to know, if I need some kind of fancy coffee. Of course, that would be in direct opposition of my goal of saving money. But good to know, just in case.

And finally, here is the result - H.'s delicious Nihari:

Completely unrelated, I'm going to watch this video over and over and over again. Always.

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