Monday, January 11, 2010

Cool Beans

Ah, it's nice to be home - even though it required a very chilly night on an airplane. I arrived at 6am, was home by 7 and in my bed for a 4-hour nap at 8.

Since I wasn't going to go into work today, my plan was to do some grocery shopping and then make something delicious that I could have for lunch this week, and freeze some for later. But after the 4-hour nap, I wasn't feeling up for any serious cooking. Also, I'm leaving for another conference on Thursday, so I only need lunch for three days this week. Luckily, H. was cooking up a storm all weekend, and he made one of my favorite H. treats:

Chanay! Which just means chick peas in Urdu, I'm told. But it's more than chick peas - it's also onions and tomatoes and other delicious things, and it's delicious and perfect for on-the-go food, like a packed lunch! It's delicious with some pita, and filling, and very cheap too. Like pizza, I love it hot or cold. Also like pizza, I love it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yummy.

I did go to grocery shopping though. While I was dying of boredom in San Jose, I went through the weekly circulars for the local grocery stores and made a list of deals to take advantage of. How's that for planning? Sometimes I amaze myself. First I went to the Met, where they were selling 4 cans of beans for $3. And I took advantage:

A rainbow of beans! Beans for chili, beans for red beans and rice and beans for more chanay! All for $6.

And that's not all!

Since I was going to meet H. in the city after work, I thought I'd go in early to hit up Whole Foods - remember those 10 yogurts for $5? They're mine. I was also going to go to a third grocery store to buy some organic milk that was on sale for $3.99 (as opposed to $5.69 at the Pioneer near me), but at Whole Foods I noticed their organic store brand milk is only $3.69. Yay for me. So now I'm well stocked in organic dairy products, and um, a lot of beans.

All in all, with my beans, yogurt, milk and one other un-noteworthy sale item, I saved $10.32 today. Bank.

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