Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A dozen uses for turkey - and it's not even Thanksgiving.

You know what's cheap? Turkey.

It's cheap because it's ugly. That's my economic assessment at least.

Last night H. and I cooked up a storm (sorry California)! While H. slaved away over our dinner (more chanay! And other potatoey and parsnippy treats), I made a turkey and portobello mushroom meatloaf - adapted slightly from this recipe at Epicurious - to make our delicious lunchtime sandwiches this week (portobellos on sale). Here's a photo of my 'loaf - which, admittedly, looks kind of gross with those carrot chunks:

But it was delicious! And, with the exception of those cheap portobellos and the turkey - I had everything else needed to make it. And it's soooo much more exciting than a plain old turkey sandwich.

But the 'loaf isn't the only use for that cheap meat - I also made a huge vat of turkey chili, which I've frozen for a future occasion. I'm always thinking ahead! Or at least I've been thinking ahead since 2010. Here's my vat:

Remember all those beans from last week? They're in there. Excellente.

As for not spending, I've been very well-behaved. A few days in Boston and all I've come away with is a Boston snowglobe (some things must be purchased). I did have a very near-splurge experience in a lovely antiquarian books & prints shop - a certain 19th century drawing from "Turquie" of your typical Turkish man (think along these lines) wooed me fiercely. One day I'll go back for him, but for now I'm sticking to my husband and the old moneymoon.

Also - kudos to the Boston Convention Center, which offers organic food in it's food court! I'm used to hot dogs and chicken fingers in these things, but I had an excellent selection of organic sandwiches, salads as well as vegan and macro treats! Wow. But, I did eat some mashed potatoes knowing full-well there was milk or cream in them, so I wasn't perfect.

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