Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Frills

There's a much-loved anchor on NY1 who has an oddly obsessive fanbase, and whenever he is interviewed (which is a lot) he talks about his Canadianness. This week he is interview in the Village Voice food blog where he talks about importing boxes of Shreddies from Canada, because - apparently - you can't buy them here. He was also interviewed when Tim Horton's opened shops in NYC - I guess he is the go-to Canadian.

Anway, one thing I miss about Canada, especially when I'm trying to save lots of money, are the No Frills. I never fully appreciated how cheap it was, but damn! And just now to get that link to their website, I'm amazed at how nice their website is, and our dealish their weekly deals are. A package of naan bread for $1! One Canadian dollar!

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