Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Pot of Gold, Part 2

After our night in a train, we'll wake up in Venice - dreamy.

What is there to say about Venice? Canals.

We're splurging on a room on the Grand Canal for 5 nights, so this will be the most expensive part of the whole trip. And to be honest, I don't what else there is to say about this part - it's Venice. We'll find something to entertain us.

After 5 days we board another train for Cortona, which is allegedly one of the hilliest hill towns in Italy, where we've rented an apartment for a week. According to Wikipedia, it is a "twin town" with Athens, GA, so I hope we can find the Italian REM and the Italian B-52's there!

We thought it would be a cheap way to spend a week - self-catering in an apartment. And, yes, the apartment is very inexpensive, but for real: are we really going to cook our own food in Italy?! I will have to discuss this impossibility with H.

What else? H. has a vision of renting a car and zipping around Tuscany for the week. I have a vision of eating as much mozzarella as a human can endure. Impossible to say which vision is the more inexpensive of the two.

I would swim in this river:

Anyhou, that sums up my reasons for saving all my pennies, and every time I want to buy something I will just have to remember that river of mozzarella and think about why I need to not buy things.

The end.

Unrelated postscript - I felt an earthquake today!

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