Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Pot of Gold

The reason I need to scrimp and save is to go on my delayed (better late than never) honeymoon.

First stop: Paris

For a weekend with friends and cheese and butter and all the good things that the French have to offer (dairy experiment: on hold). This part shouldn't actually be too expensive, because we're staying here. Yeah, it's a Hyatt. And why stay at a Hyatt when you're in Paris? Because we're using Hyatt reward points! Sweet. All those days and nights of conferences in Hyatts are finally paying off. It's way fancier than some Hyatts, especially some of the Hyatts where I've spent some serious conference time.

And then we'll board an overnight train to Venice, which I expect to be something like this:

'Cause H. and I are sophisticated as all get-out. Here's us on our last train trip together:

Once we arrive in Venice, the real honeymoon/expense/cheese-eating contest begins. More on that next time, I have to go to work now.

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