Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sin Averted

I'm on my way to California for a conference, with a stopover in Dallas for three hours. I was thinking about how the importance of saving will go down over the next few days, and the difficulty of finding organic dairy on-the-go would go up. I'll be on the company dime while traveling, so I don't have to worry about spending money buying lunches. But avoiding dairy becomes an epic battle with my willpower – and one that I nearly lost.

This morning at LGA I thought I would buy a pre-made sandwich to eat on the plane, instead of buying a $10 sandwich on the plane. And, having traveled through LGA many times, I know there are some pretty ok choices in the main terminal. However, on arrival, and once through security (which, from what I can tell was no different than the usual LGA security – despite the news accounts that they’re beefing it up), I realized that all the food options I remembered are in the C Gates – and I was leaving from the D Gates! Problems! So, I had two food options – Auntie Anne’s Pretzels (no) and a café – so I chose the café. But they only had two sandwich options – Caprese (yummy, mozzarella and tomato) and Cubano (ham and cheese). I thought about it, and bought the Caprese, knowing full-well that it would mean $10 into the savings account, on account of not being organic – but I had no choice. I had to buy a sandwich, or risk airplane starvation.

On the plane, I started to feel really guilty about it. A few non-organic lapses are to be expected and the $10 into the savings account would have been a good thing, but it’s only January 6 – meaning I haven’t gotten very far into the new year and I’m already slipping and making excuses to eat delicious hormoney cheese. So, I ate almonds through the flight and thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it, and before I knew it were landing in Dallas. Survival! In Dallas I bought and ate a non-dairy lunch. Or, rather, the company bought me a non-dairy lunch. Bingo! Savings in place, hormonal dairy out of me.

The Caprese is still in my bag, and I will probably throw it out. I know that’s wasteful, and I should give it to some starving homeless person or something. But there are no homeless hungry people at the Dallas airport.

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  1. Dudes: Your desire to eat organic seems to be at odds with your desire to save money. Don't you know? Organic is only for rich folks!


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