Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Target, you little minx

What's this in my mailbox? Coupons from Target! It's like they know.

Sadly, most of these are for bulk items and things I don't need, or bulks items I don't need enough to stockpile while living in an apartment (even if it is an awesome giant apartment). But two useful ones:

Toothpaste! But TWO toothpaste coupons? For those people who resolve to brush their teeth this new year?

Anyhou. A question from one of my two readers on the 2010 Dairy Experiment - why organic dairy, and why not organic meat? Organic, grass-fed meat is too expensive for a girl trying to save money to go on an expensive vacation. Also, even though it hurts my soul, I can easily order dairy-free meals in restaurants, but am not willing to go vegetarian in restaurants for the experiment. And can you imagine dairy and meat free restaurant meals? Ew.

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