Monday, January 4, 2010

To start

I made chicken salad for lunch for a few days. It's easy, and cheap (made cheaper when the register lady put in my chicken at $0.40 instead of $4.20 - I didn't set her straight), and delicious. I'm only in the office two days this week before heading to a conference on the west coast, so I won't get sick of it and H. can finish it off.

Hopefully our brown bag lunches will get more exciting with time, and inspiration. We also bought some yogurt to keep in the office fridge (organic for me!). Far away from bored evening snacking.

For some savings - how about a trip to Target - with coupons!

And finally, an idea about savings and organic dairy. Perhaps for every willing non-organic dairy product I let myself eat, I'll put $10 into the old savings account. It's worth a try.

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