Monday, January 4, 2010


I hesitate to say resolutions, but I want to use this blog to motivate me to keep some goals.

1. Saving money.

First I need to save money to go on an expensive honeymoon. Once I go on the expensive honeymoon, I need to save money to buy some expensive things. This will be accomplished in three ways:
i) Don't buy so many things. Or even so few things. Don't buy things.
ii) Become a better grocery shopper. Use coupons, and look for deals.
iii) bring my lunch at least three times every week, which means I should think of exciting things to make for my brown bags.

2. Continue the 2009 Dairy Experiment in 2010, only last longer this time.

The 2009 Dairy Experiment involved eating only organic, hormone-free dairy. This is much harder than you would think. Also: expensive. Goal #1 and goal #2 will be difficult to achieve simultaneously.

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