Sunday, February 14, 2010


Friday was my birthday, and my lovely husband got me something I really wanted. And my parents got me a new little camera, which we immediately put to good use:

Anyway. For lunch this week I've roasted some eggplants and will have them in pitas this week with some other veggies, and with some Hot Ajvar that I found at the Turkish grocery store. I hope Merve doesn't get jealous.

Have you ever noticed that eggplants are the most attractive vegetables? I won't say they're the tastiest - I'm only new to the eggplant acceptance club, and I still have to smother them in other things (see Hot Ajvar) to enjoy them. But, damn - they are one pretty veg.

Even sliced and diced:

Maybe cooked they lose their good looks a bit.

Anyhou. I've been watching the Olympics for the past 27 minutes, and it will probably be the only 27 minutes I devote to them, and so far they've managed to trot out a number of "proud Canadian" stars in that short time. The world is watching, so it becomes the ultimate game of identifying which celebrities are Canadian. Kim Cattrall! Will from Will & Grace! Last summer we heard a podcast (from NPR, if I remember correctly) that hilariously summarized the way Canadians will immediately identify other Canadians in conversation. (i.e. You say "Neil Young", your Canadian friend interjects "He's Canadian.") Well, anyway, the Olympics are doing it right now on tv. I wish I could find that podcast.

Finally, H. would like to share what he made us for dinner - a chicken curry in a tomato-based sauce.

Hot Ajvar!

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