Friday, February 19, 2010

An Idea for Saving, with Overheads

This is a very sad bag of basil.

It was also ridiculously expensive for how sad it is. $3.99. Eeps. I'm embarrassed to admit that I bought a sad expensive bag of basil, but I had an immediate need for it.

Basil is so easy to grow, isn't it? And cilantro - which we use like it was going out of style (or "coriander" as H. calls it). I wish I could have a garden, but I live on the top floor of a walk-up in Brooklyn. What I do have is lots of beautiful sunshiney windows.

And I mean, LOTS of SUNSHINEY windows.

So, it occurs to me that I could be growing my own herbs in my share of sunshine, and saving my money for important things like credenzas, and not sad things like bags of unhappy basil. And that is my plan - indoor herb gardening, but that involves overheads - pots, soil, seeds. Because of the overheads, I won't start this delicious indoor jungle until after we're back from the honeymoon. But I'm excited! About window basil! It will smell delicious. What else can I grow indoors in my sunshine? Maybe a lemon tree?

Tomorrow, H. and I are planning to visit the very exciting Park Slope Book sale - no books over $2! Well holy vajayjays, that's awesome. Hope for good finds!

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  1. Your apartment looks sooo lovely and sunny, it will be perfect for an indoor herb garden.
    Last year Patrick and I got into planting all kinds of fun things like pomegranates and lemons and apples and peppers and avocados and dates. You should be careful about this kind of project though, because it can take over your whole place if you aren't careful.


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