Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Dear

H. and I watched Food, Inc. the other night. I'd like to think that I'm not easily swayed by these sorts of things, but this movie really got to me. I felt almost teary by the end - by the seeming helplessness I felt at the entire nasty mess of factory farming. It's just... bad stuff. I'd say that a lot of the meat stuff - about the chickens and the pigs and the cows, wasn't a big surprise. The saddest part to me was the soy farmers - the corporate bullying of farmers by Monsanto was heartbreaking. And then I read today that along with such admirable acts as bullying farmers, they also produced Agent Orange and that nasty rBGH. Not really the kind of company whose products I'm keen to purchase or put into my body. But anyhou, the movie worked and I will be trying harder to buy better food, including grass-fed meat, even though I said last month that I wasn't made of money and wouldn't be doing that sort of thing. It might be worth paying a few dollars extra now and there.

And that's so easy when I have my beloved Target. Did you know that if you bring your own bags they take $0.05 off your purchase? I didn't know that until today, when I went to buy my cheap organic milk! $0.05! That's like a mini-coupon.

In other news this week (and just because I've taken to posting all my lunches), once we ran out of delightful(!) salmon cakes, we finished off the week on egg salad sandwiches in pita. They were yummy, but no salmon cakes.

From blog

From blog

I'll have to give a think to what's on the menu next week.

And last, but not least - how much do I love this cute Pennsylvania print from JHill Design!

A lot, is how much.

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