Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back in Black

Having someone visit is kind of like going on vacation. I spent a week sightseeing, eating a variety of New York pizzas, staying up late and spending money. And eating a lot - I think I'm still full from all the food. But now I'm back on track, though I've bought my lunch all week, and have developed a slight and temporary addiction to feta cheese at the local salad spot - totally not organic. I don't know how I'll kick the habit. I'll give myself one more day, tomorrow, to eat the wicked cheese, and then it's back to normal.

I came across this on The Kitchn yesterday - where is my milk from? It's really interesting! I had to run to the fridge and grab H.'s non-organic milk to test it out. Awesome! It told me that the dairy where H.'s milk came from also sells raw milk. I'm not quite up for raw milk, but a certain friend is obsessed with it. But then again, she is a bit of a milk connoisseur. She says she can taste the difference, and raw milk is far more delicious. I'm not really a milk person - I like it in my cereal or my tea, but I'm not going to have a glass of it. I blame this mild milk-dislike on my parents, who forced me to drink a glass of milk at dinner every night (and finish it before leaving the table). Forced milk imbibing has scarred me. But maybe I grew up big and strong - I am good at opening jars.

Anyhou, on Gothamist there was an article about some illicit raw milk activity in my neighborhood. Too bad my milk connoisseur friend up and left the city for greener pastures out west - she could have found herself in a real Brooklyn raw milk speakeasy. One of the most amusing things about this article is the always nutty comments - it's a milk war!

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