Sunday, March 7, 2010

H. made me take photos of his kofte.

Tomorrow will be one month until we leave for the honeymoon, and I'm so excited that today, during my afternoon nap, I dreamt about Venice. The dream got a little weird though, with some creepy masks and the appearance of a certain Catholic priest author of mine - probably from the organic shells and cheese I had right before the nap. But still! I'm tremendously excited. I have my guide books out and ready and I'm *this* close to pulling out my suitcase in anticipation. All our hotels are booked, flights and the major train journey. As for saving we're slightly behind my schedule because of the afore-mentioned out of town guest and vacation from saving - but no worries, it probably just means one less tiramisu for me.

I've just made the easiest lunch ever - bean burritos. They're extremely spicey. I haven't actually assembled one yet, because I don't want the tortillas to get soggy, so use your imagination. Wasn't my red onion lovely though? Like a teary flower:

The beans are black. And spicy. And here's a treat for you - they're possibly the cheapest thing I've ever made.

Calculate this:

1lb 13oz can of black beans: $1.89
1.29 lbs of tomatoes for salsa: $3.86
Red onion for salsa: $0.39
Jalapeno: $0.17
Tortillas: $2.69
Total: $9

And, since those should last both of us for four lunches - that's only $2.25 a day. For both of us. But, it doesn't include the spices to make it delicous - which were probably lots of money. But that's not a bad unit cost, non?

H. made kofte, which is delicious. Admire my meatballing handiwork:

And here is H.'s kofte-brewing handiwork:

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