Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just mention Jeff Goldblum for no reason here.

I think we're coming to the end of our tether in saving. It's not fun - at all. I just want to go on vacation, and then come back and buy things. Credenza things.

Alright, let's get down to business. H. and I braved the rain and winds this weekend to go out and buy our eats for the week. I made a chickpea masala to eat in pitas for our lunches. Full of potatoes and chickpeas - they should fill us up for all five lunches. H. and I split one this afternoon, to have a taste, and they were very nice. I think they were cheap, but it's hard to tell off the top of my head.

2 cans of chickpeas: $1.58
2 packs of pita for ten sandwiches: $2.58
3.5 lbs of potatoes: $4.32
ginger: $0.97
Huge bag of frozen peas, even though I only needed a cup: $1.75
cilantro: $0.99
Jalapeno: $0.20

So, our ten sandwiches (1 each for 5 days) cost $1.24 each. Very nice. Here's the recipe (though I didn't make the rava dosas, just the masala).

In the pot:

And then on the plate:

(It's lucky that we moved the clocks forward last night, since food looks better in photos when I use the natural light.)

H. made my favorite of his dishes, daal ka salaan (lentil curry with lamb). It warmed us up after getting caught in the rain on the way to the butcher.

I'm hoping these will keep us going through what's sure to be a long and tiring week.

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