Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lazy Monday

Last night I dreamt about Venice again, probably because I was reading my travel books in bed. In the dream we had arrived in Venice and H. insisted that we immediately go out and have a wander. So, we got into a packed vaporetto and set out. I realised that I hadn't emptied my purse at the hotel though, so I was carrying around all my stuff - my travel books, my passport, both my cameras and also a 2-litre bottle of Coca Cola. Hm. I wonder what it means? Don't pack my pop?

I had big plans on Monday for potential saving extraordinaire. I signed up for the Bumble and Bumble University Model Project - if your hair gets approved you can get a lifetime of free hair cuts and color by letting their experienced stylists try out their new techniques on your head. I thought I would have a pretty good chance of hair-acceptance - I have a pretty healthy head of hair, if I do say so myself. Healthy, long, curly - and I've even been told that my hair holds styles well. What does that mean? I don't know, I don't speak hair-stylist. BUT, it must be good, right? And a lifetime of haircare could save millions. Or fractions of millions.

But I was foiled. On Monday I woke up and we had no water! Nothing. And you see, I don't like to wash my hair, so I avoid it when possible (weekends), and by Monday my hair was pretty slimy. I asked my boss if I could work from home, rather than subject the office to my hair-slime trail. And that's what I did, stayed home staring at spreadsheets, wishing I could take a nap, and waiting for my water to get fixed. By about 3pm my water was on, and my hair was clean, and I planned to make my way into Manhattan for the 5:30 hair evaluation. But, I couldn't gather up the energy to go into town. Laziness overcame thriftiness. Sad. But, there's more opportunities to show off my golden locks after the honeymoon at a future evaluation, and I will go. Free hair cuts!

You might still be perturbed by my descriptions of a hair-slime trail and the fact that I happily go as long as I can without washing it. This isn't some grudge-era fashion hangover - I have curly hair. I have curly hair that I straighten every day to piss off my mom and the curly hair lovers of the world. My mom says I like to pretend that I don't have curly hair, and this is true. I'm so diligent about straightening my strands that recently when I decided to wear my hair curly, my best friend since age 3 asked me if I had gotten a perm. I hide curls from everyone! I covet straight hair. But I don't actually like straightening my hair - I hate my co-dependent relationship with my hair dryer. So, on weekends, I don't wash it, because if I wash it, then I have to dry it. See, it makes perfect sense. I can hear all you curl-lovers shaking your heads. Shut up.

Anyway. Where was I?

Last night I was browsing through Etsy and ebay looking for another item that I like to covet and admire and buy when I have money to spend. I really like old whiskey glasses. I started picking them up at Goodwill and yard sales. Ones like this:

"Produce" of Scotland! Ha! Having spent a year living in Glasgow, I can confirm that whiskey (or whisky, if you're Scottish) is as close as you're going to get to fresh produce in Scotland.

You can usually find some interesting glasses on Etsy for a couple dollars. If only I had a couple dollars. Sigh.

I also bought a set of Couroc glasses on Etsy. These bird ones:

But I bought those a long time ago, so I didn't break any spending laws. Aren't they cute? I could also bid on a matching tray on ebay, if I ever wanted it. I don't have anyone to serve with matching trays and glasses though. I am kind of into these silly owl ones on ebay:

But I don't need dozens of weird bird glasses, do I? No.

Just to add a touch more randomness to this post, I have discovered the the Key Food 13 blocks away - sells organic milk for just $3.99 - surely the cheapest in the 'hood. That's like $1.59 cheaper than the Pioneer or Met. I know this because on Monday when I was working from home I took my slimy-hair down there for adventure. Yay.


  1. So, are you saying that on weekdays you wash and straighten your hair every day? You can add me to the list of head-shakers. (Though your hair does always look lovely).

    I have recently discovered (rediscovered really) that I can wash my hair A LOT less than I had previously thought. As a long haired lady, this is really a great realization! Plus it means I can work a variety of styles from curly (ok, wavy) on day 1 to sleek and smooth (aka slimey) on day 3 and beyond. Oh, and day 2 is usually a sort of day-at-the-beach look, if I go to the gym and sweat a lot through my scalp. Yep.

  2. Usually I wash my hair every other day, unless I've been sweating excessively. I've found I can definitely go longer without washing when my hair is long, but when it is short I do wash and straighten every day (but that's when it only takes about 10 minutes to straighten). Maybe I should get into wigs.


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