Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maybe a cool name like SPark will catch on. You heard it here first.

This post is not about coveting or saving.

When I first came to New York in 2002 for an internship, I lived in Sunset Park for one summer. I had never really been to New York, except as a kid, and I had certainly never been to Brooklyn. I had to rely on the woman I was going to be living with (who I had never met before), and the internet to tell me what the neighborhood was like. And there really wasn't much out there. These days, Sunset Park is all over the internet.

First, here's an article about the neighborhood from the NY Times last week. That's nice, isn't it? And for all the griping about revealing the secret of what could be the next cool neighborhood, and all the outrage about the yuppification of various neighborhoods - the "secret" of Sunset Park has been out there for a long time. Here's an article that I read before moving here, from 2001. The secret is out, and has been for awhile. I find the outrage against yuppification as annoying as yuppification.

(I also found this article from 1985 about the neighborhood *not* sinking.)

Anyway. After a year in Kensington, and several in the East Village, it's refreshing to come to a neighborhood that's untrendy. Unlike the East Village, Sunset Park seems like a neighborhood - full of kids and families and neighbors who know each other because they've lived here their whole lives, and that's a nice thing - better than the tacos, the cheap real estate, and the fab views of Manhattan.

Incidentally, the neighborhood is also in the news for a rather unfortunate incident in the night that is best not mentioned on a blog that is mostly read by mothers and mother-in-laws. But really, the incident says more about what happens when buildings are repeatedly reported by neighbors as being the site of dubious nighttime activities - to no avail - than it does about the neighborhood. Anyway, now you're curious, so here's something for you.

Alright, that's all I have.

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