Thursday, March 11, 2010


Do you realise what this is:

This is spring! Seeing the plants burst up is one of the most exciting things that happens every year. How can it not make you excited? I've been looking at the little sprouts all over town and every single one makes me happy!

I've been browsing Epicurious for ideas and I keep jumping on recipes for lovely things with summery fruits and vegetables. I'm itching for warm weather and lovely fresh things. I'm stuck in winter for now (technically, even if it has been 60 degrees), and I'm stuck in dormant season according to the handy Epicurious Peak-Season Map. Shame, that.

Have I ever mentioned that H. doesn't like cheese? It's sick. Disturbing. How does this happen? How can you not like cheese? How could I have married someone who doesn't like cheese? It makes it harder to find delicious recipes for our lunches. Cheese makes everything better, and so many interesting and delicious sandwiches have cheese, and without the cheese they're nothing. Especially when the Peak-Season map tells you there is nothing fresh and delicious to eat - that's when you turn to cheese for help and advice. What should I do with this hummus and bread? The tomatoes at the grocery store are as close to grey in color as red can be, and the cucumbers are tasteless. What to do? Add feta. Problem solved! Thanks, cheese! I suppose his aversion adds another hurdle to my efforts, but then, cheese (especially organic cheese) is pricey.

Anyway. Since it's crunch time before the trip, I'm going to have to tighten my belt even more. No more bought lunches after this week - not even one Friday treat. I pretty much have to go into hibernation to avoid spending money over the next 3 weeks. Only three? Yes, did I mention that we're going to San Francisco the weekend before we push off for Europe? Jet and set.

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