Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tall Drink of Water

Spring, you never cease to amaze me.


H. and I went on a marathon walk today, to gawk at the gorgeous houses in Ditmas Park. H. calls these leisurely walks "marches". Marching and gawking at things are my number one and two favorite weekend activities (after gawking: napping). It's also the best thing to do when you can't spend money and the weather is gorgeous (Mother Narture - you sure made up for last weekend!).

Down the street from us, at 4th Ave. and 43rd Street, is this old police precint, now decrepit. Every time I pass it, I remind H. that when I make my millions I'll buy it and fix it up and make it amazing. It will be like my own spooky castle, right in Sunset Park.

Isn't it amazing? Next to it are old stables too. I love the windows on the top left, and the tower.

I'd never been to Ditmas Park before, even though in my first year in NYC I lived in Kensington, just a short walk away. And Ditmas Park? It is amazing. And maybe when I make my millions, instead of buying the above building - and hiring a Pied Piper to drive out what is probably a healthy community of giant rats - maybe I should buy one of these:

H. says this is his new favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn, after Brooklyn Heights. I think the Englandy-sounding street names (Westminster, Buckingham, Argyle, etc.) and the proximity to the soccer fields at Prospect Park dazzled him. It's also close to the Pakistani restaurants on Coney Island Ave. I'll get to work on those millions.

I'm very excited about lunch this week. Last week's masala was good, but I was sick of it after about two days. Because I had made so much though, we were eating it through dinner last night. I tried to transform it - like Marge Simpson's Chanel suit - by putting it into the food processor and making potato pancakes. It tasted the same though. I even tried it with ketchup, and that was gross and a stupid idea. Don't do that.

This week I'm making chicken gyros! I even roasted a chicken for the occasion. A naked bird in my kitchen:

If someone would invent Smell-otography, you would be really impressed by this - the chicken shredded with some olive oil, garlic, rosemary and oregano.

Smell-otography, there's my million-dollar idea right there.

I made that tsatziki again, the one that was so good. My breath is kickin' now, because of all the garlic. Here's our delicious gyro in action:

And here is a door, and some broken stairs.

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