Sunday, May 23, 2010


As soon as I posted that last credenza, it was sold. Go figure. I am still credenza-less.

The hardest thing about not eating meat is going to restaurants and not ordering meat. On Friday I joined a friend to get banh mi for lunch, and it was hard to resist the meatiest sandwiches. I ended up choosing the catfish, and it was delicious, but I would have been so sad if it hadn't been. That night we ordered Mexican food, and while H. often enjoys the shrimp options, I prefer to enjoy the chicken or beef options. There were exactly two vegetarian options on that menu - mushroom quesadilla and rice & beans. That's what I had, while looking longingly at my friend's tacos. I coveted those tacos.

Today I was cooking up a meat-free storm. First, our lunches for this week. Two spinach, red pepper and feta quiches.

Words can't even describe how lovely.

For dinner some ratatouille with a touch of whole-wheat pasta (sounds healthy!), and gratuitous cheese (take the healthy back!).

Looks nice, doesn't it? It was a bit boring. Maybe next time I'll add more cheese.

H. contributed some parsnips, which are extremely yummy.

I was so impressed with the amount of veggies we bought for the entire week, and how little money it cost. If our haul lasts all week (and I expect it will) each day of eating (DAY) will have only amounted to about $5 each. That's more money for when I finally find a credenza.

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