Sunday, May 9, 2010


And after Paris was Venice.

Which was lovely. I believe my postcards went something like this:
Dear Loved One, We are lost. Venice is a maze. My feet hurt. So many stairs. Can't bear another Madonna and Child painting. Eating lots of pizza. Love, A.
And it was all true. Did you know you can never get sick of pizza? True story.

Extremely happy about this pizza:

We saw every inch of Venice, and nearby islands like Burano and Torcello. It was totally fab.

Next time: Tuscany, ok?

Remember when I mused last month about going meat-free in May? Well, it's on. But it didn't start until about right now, which is May 9. So, I should probably do this until June 9. It's hard to do something like this on the road, and while I was in Denver I wasn't willing to not eat meat. Now I'm groceried up to the teeth with veggies and am making some cheesey roasted vegetable wraps for lunch this week (while H. is away on a work trip I intend to eat a lot of cheese). You're probably overwhelmed with photos today, so I will save you from the photos.

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