Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Man, I've had an exhausting week. Too much stress and panic and emotion. So, this will fix me up.


I think that, in what was overall amazing trip, Tuscany, and specifically Cortona where we based ourselves, was my favorite part of the trip. Beautiful town, lots of relaxing, sunshine, exploring, amazing food, DAILY naps, and the most delicious gelato I have ever eaten in my entire life. And I ate lots.

There were views!

There was oldness! 

There was food!


There was a trip to Florence, to see the Uffizi (albeit with a two hour wait in line to get in), and the amazing duomo! Photos don't do it justice! Amazing!


There were no nukes!


There was honeymooning!


So nice to remember back so long ago...

Anywho. I've successfully been going along with my no-meat may. I've just made the spiciest vegetarian chili you've ever seen, full of roasted red peppers and zucchinis, assorted beans, corn and the usual chili suspects. It's delicious! But spicy. I did take a picture for you, but it looks like meat chili, so it really isn't that exciting. I'm going to eat a steaming bowl now.

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