Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend was the first weekend we've both had in our apartment since March. I can't really complain since those weekends were spent in San Francisco, Paris, Venice, Tuscany/Rome, and then one in Denver (me) and one in London (H). But, it's nice to be home and back to normal.

And what is more normal than doing nothing but moseying, exploring, visiting book fairs and junk fairs and browsing old records? And most of all: doing nothing most of the weekend. Sweet.

After last week's ups and downs it was a multi-nap weekend for me. The long and short of it being that I was offered a job, and I accepted the job, and in between there was drama and negotiations and decisions. And now I'm leaving a company where I"ve worked for many years. New things are exciting and terrifying.

Anyway. So, this no meat thing? It's still happening. And it's good! H. made a fish curry this weekend (remember: fish doesn't count as meat for this). Here it is in its fishiness:

Fishy! And here's something so shocking that my mother will be more shocked than when I told her I like lentils, and more shocking even than when I told her that I like beans: H. made cauliflower in a way that I like!

And it isn't even smothered in cheese! My, how things change. I asked a vegetarian foodie friend for advice on making vegetables, and her first suggestion was to put cheese on everything. Well, I know I'll eat anything (ANYTHING) covered in cheese, but that's not going to help me discover new things that I like to eat. So, I'm braving new vegetables sans fromage. It's so exciting that I write about it on the internet.

For lunches, I tried to make those salmon cakes that I love so much, but I got cocky, and I had a bit of a breadcrumb catastrophe and they wouldn't cake. So, I made a salmon/breadcrumb fluff. Still yummy, but I need to be better about following directions.

Now that things are back to normal, I'm on the hunt for a credenza. The one that I had my eye on was sold right after we got back from the trip. So now I'm thinking about this one:

It may be slightly more dresser-like than I had originally wanted, but I like it's look, and I really like the color. When we finally do buy that credenza, it's going to suck carrying it up our many, many stairs. Eeps.

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