Tuesday, June 22, 2010

back to our regularly scheduled programing

On Saturday I went shopping. Like: real, LIVE shopping. We went to an OUTLET MALL. And it was good. I can't even remember the last time I spent money on clothes for no good reason other than that I wanted them. I couldn't go as crazy as I would have liked, since I'm still a bit poor until I get my first paycheck next week from my new job.

Since we got back from the moneymoon, we haven't really been sticking to our savings plan, or our eating plan, or our good behaviour plan. We haven't been extravagant - we're still publishing folk and so are, by nature, poor. But we haven't been planning, or looking for deals. I think it must be time to get back on that because we still have some big-ticket items to buy - not furniture, but the green card - is that un-kosher to say to the world? I also have lots of prints to be custom-framed (there's some big money right there). And then, these days, I'm also drawn more and more to the dream of home-ownership, so building the nest-egg should go back to top priority.

Remember my meatless May proposal a few posts back? Well, I wasn't perfect, but I did pretty good. Meat is just so delicious, its hard to resist. *I* never cooked meat. And for about 10 days I didn't eat meat, but then I was taken to an Italian deli that has celebrated sandwiches, and I couldn't *not* eat the meat. So, I figured that was a special occasion - a work outing, even. It was in my professional best interests to eat the meat. And then, a few days later, we went to Chipotle. If you're as familliar with the Chipotle menu as you should be, you know that the vegetarian burrito is simply the meat burrito without meat (I do good explaining). Since my intention behind not eating meat for a month was to try new things, it didn't make sense to eat a meatless burrito - it wouldn't be eating any new vegetable, it was simply the absense of meat. So, I got a meaty, delicious burrito. And after that there were a few occasions where I ordered meat while out and about. And towards the end of the month H. really wanted to make one of his curries, and I wasn't about to eat lentils and watch him eat lamb, so I ate it. I guess that really wasn't successful. I did try new things, though, so +1. And, going forward, I will continue to make as many meatless things as possible and also try new vegetables and new vegetable dishes.

One thing that I wanted to do when we got back from the trip is buy more locally-grown and in-season produce. This weekend the little Sunset Park Greenmarket opens! I'm very excited about this. At only 3 blocks from home, if I can walk to the supermarket, I can walk to the Greenmarket. I hope to visit it weekly. Also, my new job is just a few blocks away from "world famous" Union Square Greenmarket , which is huge. I'll have no excuse to continue to eat the monumentally crap produce from the local grocery stores now. I mean, really - tomatoes should not be grey.

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