Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the troublesome N and other adventures

It wasn't like the credenza was the end. I've just been a bit lazy about writing.

Now, where to start? Since I last wrote, I left my former job, and then had a week of being a housewife. You'd think I would have taken the time to write during that week of unemployment, but I was so busy watching hours and hours of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Busy times, see. I also found time to do some laundry, make a fancy mushroomtastic lasagna, spend a day with an old friend and change my name.

If you're ever in a position where you may want to change your name, my advice is DON'T. What a ridiculous experience. Or, I should say - if you live in New York City and you're getting married and thinking about taking your husband's last name, but maybe you're still a bit unsure? Just do it when you get your marriage license. There's a box you tick to change your name on the day you get married. This is the easier and cheaper way to do it. I didn't do that, and now I'm about $200 poorer and have lost hours of my life.

First of all, you have to go to the courts to change it. And when they say "courts", they mean you will sit in a court for hours while actual court cases are happening and wait for a judge to approve your name change. But it doesn't even start there. The first day I went (this is in Brooklyn, by the way, since I read its faster if you do it in Brooklyn), I arrived at the clerk's office about 3pm with all my papers downloaded directly from the weird robo-program the city has set up, all notarized, money in hand. Turns out that, even though the clerk is open until 5pm, you can only change your name until 2pm. Blah. But more annoying, the animated characters on the city's website who tell you how to change your name don't mention that if you're taking your spouse's name you have to have his consent, and that consent has to be notarized too. Also, you have to bring a bill to show your address, and make copies of all your forms. So, the website doesn't even tell you fully what you need. Double blah. So, a few days later I went back, notarized forms, money and copies in hand. I filed my papers with the clerk, and was sent down to another floor to pay the cashier, and back up to the clerk to stamp some things, and then I was sent to court. Now, I had arrived at 9am, as soon as they opened, filed everything and paid within 20 minutes, and arrived in the court by 9:30, only to learn that the judge doesn't arrive in court until 10:30. So, even though the name changes are done between 9am and 5pm, there is no point in arriving before 10:30 because the judge doesn't get on the bench until 10:30! So, I sat and waited in a court full of people and lawyers for an hour until the judge arrived. But all those other people in the court had been called to court for real court cases. The roll call told me there were 32 cases that day (though not everyone had showed up) and I sat through 3 hours of cases waiting for the judge to approve my name change. And she did. And it wasn't over. After she approved my name change, I had to go back to the clerk's desk and file my papers again. And it still wasn't over. My name change wasn't official until I published my change of name in a paper, received an affadavit of publication from the newspaper, and went back to the desk to file that. So, my change of name was published a week later in the Brooklyn Eagle (which I had to pay for), and I finally, officially, had a name name this past Friday. If I had checked off that stupid box when I got my marriage license I wouldn't have had to do anything, and it would have been free. But now I have a new name!

With a new name is a new signature. Have you ever thought about this? The signature you've always had is no longer your name. I've been practicing the new signature, and the new last name starts with N. The troublesome N. I can't make it look smooth and natural. Every time I sign my new name I have to very slowly write the last name because it hasn't become natural to me. It's getting better though.

In other news, I started a new job yesterday. New name, new job. That is all. Is that a good excuse for two weeks of silence?

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