Monday, July 12, 2010

A few notes of foodstuffs

I can't really deal with hot weather, so I can hardly deal with cooking, and barely deal with eating. Mostly I want to sit still and hope that the backs of my knees won't sweat. So, last week when it was roughly 10,000 degrees I wanted something for lunch that would be light and refreshing. I found these delicious Mango and Shrimp Wraps on Epicurious. Let me take a moment to highly recommend them. I didn't take a photo because I was so busy inhaling them. Summery yummy.

H. made keema (imagine Gordon Ramsay's voiceover on the F Word: Meat. Tomato. Potato. Peas. SIMMER) this weekend for dinner, which we've been eating with some leftover lentils.

Have you ever noticed that BBC America is basically just the Gordon Ramsay channel?

Anyhou. We're feeling a bit poor this week, so for lunch I made an old stand-by - those amazing salmon cakes, which are good for when you're poor, as long as you have bread crumbs, eggs, and mayo in stock. The rest is pretty inexpensive.


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