Saturday, July 3, 2010

a small bounty

A few summer treats from the local farmers:

Plums. They are glorious. H. and I might eat all of them today.


Squash. Squashes? Squishes.

I'm in the market for a floor mirror. We haven't got one, and I'm pretty sure that has lead to some questionable outfits, and very questionable shoe decisions. I find myself taken with this little number from Pottery Barn:

This thing is $400, though - more than I was looking to spend. Tell me why mirrors are so expensive? You're not fooling anyone, Mirror, you are just a big piece of glass. While I'm at it, why are lamps so expensive? And where does Target get off selling $300 lamps?!? Let me tell you something about yourself, Tar-ghey, you are meant to be cheap. You shouldn't be selling anything that costs $300 unless it is a robot that will do my bidding, and even then it should come with a coupon for Pizza Hut. You are not West Elm, so your lamps should not be as expensive. Ugh.

Anyway. Now that I've finally got my credenza, my focus has turned on the bedroom. Our bedroom is very brown, and it looks so dark anf heavy and 70s. We also haven't got much up on the walls because we have so many prints to get framed, including a giant old map of Canada that a friend gave us as a wedding gift, so the room is a bit bleh. I want to lighten up the room a bit, and not in the mid century style that the living room is in. That's part of the reason I'm keen on the mirror above. I'm also thinking about some carpet tiles from Flor in a lightish blue color, like so:

And then, my pipe dream: a new bed -KING SIZE - or even queen, with a metal frame, like this one from Ikea:
Anyhou. H. thinks I'm done buying furniture, but he's so, so wrong.

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