Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Elle was an incredibly fast read. I wasn't even prepared for it, and realised 3/4 the way through that it was nearly over, and that I hadn't bought my next book from the list yet.

I went down to the Barnes & Noble in Union Square with a list of recent books on the list, thinking they would at least have one of the books. Title after title (even the ones published by big US publishers like Picador, tsk tsk) weren't in stock. In that huge B&N! The one they did have - and that one became #15. I had been dreading this one somewhat. I tried to read Rohinton Mistry's Family Matters once upon a time, and could not get into it at all. But now I've got #15 - Mistry's Such a Long Journey.

A few thoughts on Elle: I thought it was fab. It's the kind of book I really enjoy reading - a historical novel full of myth and humor. And maybe some dirty parts.

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