Wednesday, September 15, 2010

17/72 and other facts

I finished Clara Callan last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it - there's an aspect of reading a novel of letters and diary entries that appeals to my nature as a snoop. And so, now I move on to 17/72, The Mistress of Nothing (2009) by Kate Pullinger. This isn't even out in the US until January 2011, according to Amazon, so I had to get my mule of things Canadian to bring it down (thanks, Aleks - sorry about the no-curtains thing!)

I'll have to wait a week or two to start this one though, because I have another book to read for the non-Canadian book club of more than one.

My mule of things Canadian has also helped me expand my collection of awesome things that will need to be framed by ordering this fab poster from THIS etsy shop. I'm really excited to put this up in our guest room.

My next photo is a shameless way to show off how cute Izzy is, under the guise of showing off our new guest room curtains!

At risk of letting this silly blog sound like it is getting off track of the original idea of saving money, packing my lunch, eating organic, etc. I might mention what we've been enjoying for lunch recently. The last few weeks we've been bring lunches of a variety of small snakcs - almonds, carrots, hummus, fruits, yogurt and the like. This has made us very satisfied. For me, it means there's something for me to eat at 10am when I'm hungry, then again at lunch when I'm hungry again, and then again at 3pm when I'm hungry. Truthfully, the 3pm "hunger" is more likely boredom, but whatevs. It's also easy to throw these things in a bag when I'm rushing in the mornings.

Finally, I found this on my computer and thought I should share. It harkens back to my first year of university, the art of the incomperable J-net. It's a story that should be told. Let's call in An Ode to the 'Shwa.


  1. Bahah. I forgot that we were 7 years old in first year university. What happens next .... that's a lot of panels to catch up on, Hab. Also thank-you for the 'Shwa label - much appreciated.

  2. Oh, and might I add for your listening pleasure:


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