Thursday, September 23, 2010

18/72, or: I should think of better titles for my posts

I ordered my next book off Amazon last week, along with another book that I've been eyeballing. Amazon has been holding my intended #18 hostage until the other book is ready to ship, which seems to be taking forever, so I had to run down to Barnes & Noble at lunch today after I finished The Mistress of Nothing on the subway this morning.

B&N hardly ever has any of the books on my list, which I learned a few weeks ago, but they do have a hearty collection of Margaret Atwood, of course. So here I am with a new #18; The Handmaid's Tale (1985).

I've read this book before - about fifteen years ago. For a long time I didn't like Margaret Atwood, with the exception of Alias Grace, which is an awesome book. I was easily annoyed about how pedantic her books are, and felt like she wanted me to be ashamed of my inability to worry about these things on my own. But in the last few years I've changed my stance on her. She does not write a bad book. Even the sciencey/fictiony ones that I didn't think I would enjoy, like Oryx and Crake, are really, really good. I'm very much looking forward to Year of the Flood now that it is out in paperback. That's for another time though.

Anyway. I'm tired from too much fun, and the season premiere of 30 Rock is on so bye-bye.

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