Sunday, September 26, 2010

my chair secret

First of all, say hi to my little friend.

There's a junk shop in my neighborhood where I've scored two awesome chairs for cheap. This place is kind of like Craigslist incarnate - most of it is junk, but there are a few awesome finds. No adult services though. It's furniture stacked on furniture, tchotches galore and some of the most god-awful lamps you've ever imagined. I drag H. into this shop anytime we are near, because - as it is with all good junk shops - you have to visit frequently to find anything good. And you have to jump on the things you like when you see them - I've missed out on a funky chair (an exact replica I later saw on Craigslist for over $100) and also an old working radio cabinet.

Exhibit A: found by H. when we first moved in:

This chair has a great shape and it is so comfy. Even the cat loves it.

Exhibit B: found today:

These were $25 each. In my fantasy of craftiness, I would make the second chair some fantastic re-upholstery project a la Design*Sponge. In reality this will probably never happen. And I do like it's pinkness, and its velvetiness. It needs a shampoo though.

I love junk, and real junk stores - which are hard to come by in New York.

Lastly, here's a photo of Izzy enjoying some tv. He is watching House.

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