Friday, October 22, 2010

head-spinning, eye popping, steam-eared coveting

I nearly worked myself into a coveting frenzy yesterday. I mean for real frenzy. My stomach is still trying to recover from excitement and disappointment for the ultimate covet: a house.

H. and I are not about to buy a house. For one thing, we can't decide where to live. For a second thing, we're not ready for a down payment. Regardless, I check real estate websites like porn. I save houses I like, I get alerts for similar houses, and yet I'm not planning on seriously looking for two years. But yesterday in my browsing I came across a 150-year old dump an hour north of the city that was currently in foreclosure and could have been mine for a low downpayment of about $10,000. Holy vajayjay. Truly: it is a dump. But it is a 150 year-old dump with wide-plank wood floors (that need to be refinished) and 4 fireplaces (chimney probably has creatures). Potential! I emailed it to H. thinking he would make fun of me and ignore me as he usually does, but he was interested! And he said we would talk about it tonight! And we could go to the open house on Saturday!

So, my mind went into overdrive. I imagined myself renting a floor sanding machine, refinishing the floors, painting, making the dump into an awesome castle.

Nevermind that to do all these imaginary DIY projects I would have to frequent Home Depot. And nevermind that we would have to have a car to get to a Home Depot. And nevermind that I've never done anything more DIY than assembling Ikea furniture. In my head I was going to refinish those floors, put new drywall up, paint the outside white with a bright yellow door, and perhaps install some built-in bookcases. It cannot be that hard!

So, I wrote to the agent to confirm the times of the open house, and got his dream-crushing response that they had just accepted an offer. My beautiful dump with potential will realize its awesome dream with someone else. And today I'm growing to accept that my tragic dumpy castle is gone, but I haven't quite stopped dreaming of things I would fill it with. Like this $5,000 octopus:
 And I'll never stop dreaming of the wide-plank wood floors. Anyway.

23/72 - Guy Vanderhaeghe's Man Descending (1982).

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fix it

I was very wicked last week. I didn't save money - I bought things. Several things. Clothes and things. I didn't pack my lunch - I bought it every day. I ate frozen pizzas and cake and a ten-day old cupcake. TEN DAYS OLD. It was in my fridge, and H. was out of town, and I was bored, and I looked at that ten day old cupcake and thought 'should I eat this? Will this kill me?' and then I decided to eat it. Even though it was ten-days old. And it was ok. Maybe a bit fridge-tasting. And I'm here to tell the tale.

But anyway, I should get back on track of all the things I started this blog for (saving money, packing my lunch, eating organic, etc.) and stop distracting myself and you with my Governor General's list. So, I'll get on that. But first, I'm on 22/72 - Forms of Devotion by Diane Schoemperlen (1998). It has pictures.

Whale Music made me laugh, but by the end I got sick of it. I do keep intending to read up on Brian Wilson now, which I could do right now, I suppose.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

moving right along

When a book is only 115 pages, it gets read quickly. Bear was dirty. Dirty in a bear way.

So, here I am at 21/72. Whale Music by Paul Quarrington (1989).

Somebody on Amazon claims he read that Brian Wilson said, "Whale Music is the best book about the Beach Boys that I have read." I doubt this is true (if I can't find the original interview on the internet), but I would like to believe it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

a small bounty

Picked up a few books in Toronto.

I finished Night Below Station Street last week. It was depressing. I was already anxious about the trip - specifically about leaving the kitten for a week with a stranger and coming home and finding he didn't love me anymore - so I found that book hard to read because it made me constantly uncomfortable.

Now I'm on 20/72 - Bear by Marian Engel (1976). An infamous book that Wikipedia describes as "a tale of erotic love between a librarian and a bear." Cool.

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