Sunday, October 17, 2010

fix it

I was very wicked last week. I didn't save money - I bought things. Several things. Clothes and things. I didn't pack my lunch - I bought it every day. I ate frozen pizzas and cake and a ten-day old cupcake. TEN DAYS OLD. It was in my fridge, and H. was out of town, and I was bored, and I looked at that ten day old cupcake and thought 'should I eat this? Will this kill me?' and then I decided to eat it. Even though it was ten-days old. And it was ok. Maybe a bit fridge-tasting. And I'm here to tell the tale.

But anyway, I should get back on track of all the things I started this blog for (saving money, packing my lunch, eating organic, etc.) and stop distracting myself and you with my Governor General's list. So, I'll get on that. But first, I'm on 22/72 - Forms of Devotion by Diane Schoemperlen (1998). It has pictures.

Whale Music made me laugh, but by the end I got sick of it. I do keep intending to read up on Brian Wilson now, which I could do right now, I suppose.

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