Thursday, November 11, 2010

23/72 - I haven't forgotten

I finished Man Descending weeks ago.

I'm now on 23/72 - Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan (1945). I had to buy an old, old copy off Amazon marketplace because Amazon told me this was out of print. Then I learned it is still in print in McClelland & Stewart's New Canadian Library. But that's only in Canada. BUT STILL. My used copy is a hardcover, and I don't like reading hardcovers. And it is also a 60 year old hardcover, and I feel like it might crumble any minute since a 60 year old hardcover doesn't travel in my purse very well.

Can I say something about the New Canadian Library? I really don't like the redesigned covers. I know these books have never had very nice covers, but seriously M&S (or Random House) - you can do better. Is it impossible to make these look cool? Is Canadian literature antonymous with hipness? Take a page from Penguin - especially the Penguin Deluxe Classics and most especially the Penguin Hardcover Classics. I guess, generally, M&S covers aren't usually very nice. And I'm sorry, McClelland & Stewart - I love your books! And anyway, I also work in publishing, and I happen to work for a publisher that also has less-than-stellar covers, so I'm no better than you. But let's do better! For real: sometimes I think about buying books *just* for the nice cover. No joke. I don't judge them by their cover, but I love the cover and want to buy it and not read it. Maybe if the New Canadian Library looked better they would sell better? I mean, really, how many of those books are only in print because students are forced to read them in school?

Anyway. Ok. And just because:

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