Saturday, November 6, 2010

new stuff!!!!!

We were in Atlanta last week for work, so I haven't had much to say, except about how damn cute my cat is. And that Atlanta is kind of boring. The Marriott Marquis there is hypnotizing on the inside though.

I'm still watching some houses, hoping that some fairy-godmother will gift me lots of money for a down-payment, but it seems unlikely. I also keep meaning to buy lottery tickets but then forgetting.

But I've had some small satisfactions this week. I bought a couple awesome furnitures, a chair:

And a side table/record holder:

Actually, this photo of the side table really doesn't do it justice. It's very cute, and even I was surprised at how much I liked it (I bought it sight-unseen off the internet).

The chair! How many chairs does anyone need, you wonder? I like chairs. I like them a lot. One day when I buy my house it will be filled with unique side chairs.

Buying things and stuff is so very, very satisfying.

This morning H. and I went to Ikea. H. had this *crazy* idea that I would go crazy and fill our cart with Ikea crap. I don't know where he would get an idea like this - its like he doesn't even know me! Anyway, he's lucky that I forgot my glasses and had to pee because I could hardly even bother to look at anything in the "marketplace" section. We went for two things: curtains and a frame. And we got them. Pretty simple.


Frame (poster bought seperately):

We had some really dark brown blackout curtains in the bedroom before. I enjoyed them because they made my afternoon naps so much more delightful. H. hated them from about a year before we moved into the apartment. They were very dark, and very brown. And they made the bedroom look very seventies. These Ikea ones are quite a delight, and they make the room look so much better!

Finally, a note to my fellow Ikea patrons:

Dear World, Especially World with Young Children,

Must you bring your young children to Ikea? Must they run around like maniacs unattended because you are deciding which $5.99 Vajayjayståd would look great in your den? Can't you stop them from jumping up and down on the white couch in the As-is section? Maybe I wanted to buy that wchite couch, and now it has tint footprints on it. Isn't there a ball room to lock them in? Ikea is no place for children. Hire a babysitter. Buy them a $1 stuffed bear and they will forgive you.




  1. lolz @ Vajayjayståd

    Although I'm interested in the move FROM blackout to sheer. We semi-recently installed blackout blinds behind our curtains, and are now enjoying significantly better sleeps.

  2. I thought I wouldn't like having light, but I don't mind at all. It's actually nice to wake up in a bright room. They aren't quite sheer - more opaque. And - I can sleep anytime, anywhere, so it doesn't bother me!


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