Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Bounty

Look what Santa got me:

A whole pile of some of the harder to find Governor General's books. Santa must read my blog. This should keep me in books for awhile.

Santa also brought us some really fab posters. When I say "us" I mean he brought H. some fab posters, including this exceptionally awesome old Ukrainian movie poster from the 60s:

It's a movie that was made from some obscure Dostoevsky short story. It's a great poster, and perfect for H. who is a die-hard "Dosters" enthusiast. So, we'll get it professionally framed soon.

Christmas morning when H. and Santa were trying to figure out which Dosters story this was, I said something about having read Dosters because I have read Anna Karenina. Whoops! That was Tolstoy! (I just heard my Dad cringe and my husband file for divorce!) Why did I just admit that on the internet? I don't know. Probably to embarrass my husband. Anyway, I did read Crime and Punishment, so I've read Dosters for real. AND Tolstoy!

H. and I both got a good haul of books as gifts, and now our decreasing bookshelf space has truly become and absence of bookshelf space. H. likes to put his books into towers. Towers that teeter dangerously over the cat. So, we must visit the artisinal bookshelf maker, Ikea, to get some more, asap. I will not have my cat crushed under the weight of some dusty old tome. I'm not sure if I would say I'm "coveting" those Billy bookcases, but I'll label this post as a covet anyway.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I've moved on, slowly, to #24 - Elizabeth and After by Matt Cohen (1999). Even though I enjoyed my last book, it took me forever to get through it, though I'm not sure why. And it's taken me ages to update my silly blog, because I'm tired when I get home and don't feel like I have much to say.


H. knows that I obsessively read Apartment Therapy, because I send him house tours that I love daily. While browsing through this tour I was inspired by an amazing couch/cushion combo. I love this:

That's pretty much exactly what I want to do with the pink chair we got at the junk shop. I'm not sure that fabric will go with the Most Expensive Curtains in the World that we bought for that room, but I'm also not sure I care.

No surprise that the owner of that lovely home is co-founder and creative director of Mod Green Pod, where that fab fabric came from. I will put this re-upholstery wish on my long list of expensive projects (which mostly includes custom framing projects). In the new year, when Christmas is behind us, I'm hoping to move on some of these things. I have a giant old map that was given to us as a wedding present a year and a half ago that's waiting to be framed in some beautiful manner. And then maybe we'll find someone to make our pink chair awesome.

Speaking of Apartment Therapy, they've been posting daily contests for various beautiful things (and on their related blogs for kitchen stuff, kid stuff, techno stuff and recycled stuff) and I have entered EVERY SINGLE ONE. I've never been so devoted to entering contests! I hope I win something. Last year I won a beautiful gold necklace from a jewellery store in Manhattan where H. and I went to try on wedding bands. I felt bad about it, because we didn't end up buying our bands there because they were too expensive - but I still love the necklace! I think that's the only thing I've ever won.

I found this blog through Galletcat today:
This person seems to spend a lot of time along the R and N lines, which are my trains! I hope I get spotted one day. It's kind of like a bookish Sartorialist  (and god knows I'll never be spotted by The Sartorialist).

Lastly, because I can't post anything without mentioning the cat - I don't think Izzy appreciated the Thanksgiving Dinner cat food. He hardly ate it! He wanted our turkey dinner. He's also taken an unhealthy interest in mango sorbet.
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