Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Bounty

Look what Santa got me:

A whole pile of some of the harder to find Governor General's books. Santa must read my blog. This should keep me in books for awhile.

Santa also brought us some really fab posters. When I say "us" I mean he brought H. some fab posters, including this exceptionally awesome old Ukrainian movie poster from the 60s:

It's a movie that was made from some obscure Dostoevsky short story. It's a great poster, and perfect for H. who is a die-hard "Dosters" enthusiast. So, we'll get it professionally framed soon.

Christmas morning when H. and Santa were trying to figure out which Dosters story this was, I said something about having read Dosters because I have read Anna Karenina. Whoops! That was Tolstoy! (I just heard my Dad cringe and my husband file for divorce!) Why did I just admit that on the internet? I don't know. Probably to embarrass my husband. Anyway, I did read Crime and Punishment, so I've read Dosters for real. AND Tolstoy!

H. and I both got a good haul of books as gifts, and now our decreasing bookshelf space has truly become and absence of bookshelf space. H. likes to put his books into towers. Towers that teeter dangerously over the cat. So, we must visit the artisinal bookshelf maker, Ikea, to get some more, asap. I will not have my cat crushed under the weight of some dusty old tome. I'm not sure if I would say I'm "coveting" those Billy bookcases, but I'll label this post as a covet anyway.

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