Sunday, December 19, 2010

a year in review

And we're almost through 2010. So, let's review some of my original goals for this past year:

1. Saving money.

H. and I were so good at saving money to go on our expensive vacation. It seems like millions of years ago. But, I brought my lunches, I didn't buy too much stuff, and I did it! Whoot! And after the vacation I continued to bring my lunches - until about two months ago where I got lazy. Eeps! But it was good while it lasted, and I got what I wanted, and I am pleased with myself.

2. The Dairy Experiment.

I am happy to say that eating good dairy (sans artificial hormones) essentially became the way I worked. I say essentially because I didn't stay as strict about it after about mid-summer, but we do almost always buy organic dairy.

And then I started my Canadian Book Club of One. And now I've read 24 of the books - not even halfway there, but going strong. I'm taking a quick break over the next two weeks to read some other books of interest (Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, and then Room by Emma Donoghue, if you're interested).

And now the future! H. and I have some big goals in 2011.

Back in April, while climbing up a massive hill, in the rain, with my parents in San Francisco, my mother suggested that now that we're "so good at saving money" why don't we buy a place of our own. Good idea! So, while we're not planning to buy a place in 2011, we're planning on re-igniting our incredible saving powers to save our pennies to buy a place to live in the not-so-distant future. This is a massive saving-mountain, but we're not going to kill ourselves by not buying some niceties here and there.

But it means I'm going to get back on the packed-lunch-wagon, and the coupon-train, and the sale- uh, the sale-bicycle?

What else? I'll continue to be wary of where my food comes from - all of it, not just dairy. I'll continue through the rest of my Governor General books. I'll continue to covet things I can't have. And I'll do some other stuff, and see which way this blog goes next.

And here's Izzy to wish you well through to the new year.

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