Sunday, May 23, 2010


As soon as I posted that last credenza, it was sold. Go figure. I am still credenza-less.

The hardest thing about not eating meat is going to restaurants and not ordering meat. On Friday I joined a friend to get banh mi for lunch, and it was hard to resist the meatiest sandwiches. I ended up choosing the catfish, and it was delicious, but I would have been so sad if it hadn't been. That night we ordered Mexican food, and while H. often enjoys the shrimp options, I prefer to enjoy the chicken or beef options. There were exactly two vegetarian options on that menu - mushroom quesadilla and rice & beans. That's what I had, while looking longingly at my friend's tacos. I coveted those tacos.

Today I was cooking up a meat-free storm. First, our lunches for this week. Two spinach, red pepper and feta quiches.

Words can't even describe how lovely.

For dinner some ratatouille with a touch of whole-wheat pasta (sounds healthy!), and gratuitous cheese (take the healthy back!).

Looks nice, doesn't it? It was a bit boring. Maybe next time I'll add more cheese.

H. contributed some parsnips, which are extremely yummy.

I was so impressed with the amount of veggies we bought for the entire week, and how little money it cost. If our haul lasts all week (and I expect it will) each day of eating (DAY) will have only amounted to about $5 each. That's more money for when I finally find a credenza.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend was the first weekend we've both had in our apartment since March. I can't really complain since those weekends were spent in San Francisco, Paris, Venice, Tuscany/Rome, and then one in Denver (me) and one in London (H). But, it's nice to be home and back to normal.

And what is more normal than doing nothing but moseying, exploring, visiting book fairs and junk fairs and browsing old records? And most of all: doing nothing most of the weekend. Sweet.

After last week's ups and downs it was a multi-nap weekend for me. The long and short of it being that I was offered a job, and I accepted the job, and in between there was drama and negotiations and decisions. And now I'm leaving a company where I"ve worked for many years. New things are exciting and terrifying.

Anyway. So, this no meat thing? It's still happening. And it's good! H. made a fish curry this weekend (remember: fish doesn't count as meat for this). Here it is in its fishiness:

Fishy! And here's something so shocking that my mother will be more shocked than when I told her I like lentils, and more shocking even than when I told her that I like beans: H. made cauliflower in a way that I like!

And it isn't even smothered in cheese! My, how things change. I asked a vegetarian foodie friend for advice on making vegetables, and her first suggestion was to put cheese on everything. Well, I know I'll eat anything (ANYTHING) covered in cheese, but that's not going to help me discover new things that I like to eat. So, I'm braving new vegetables sans fromage. It's so exciting that I write about it on the internet.

For lunches, I tried to make those salmon cakes that I love so much, but I got cocky, and I had a bit of a breadcrumb catastrophe and they wouldn't cake. So, I made a salmon/breadcrumb fluff. Still yummy, but I need to be better about following directions.

Now that things are back to normal, I'm on the hunt for a credenza. The one that I had my eye on was sold right after we got back from the trip. So now I'm thinking about this one:

It may be slightly more dresser-like than I had originally wanted, but I like it's look, and I really like the color. When we finally do buy that credenza, it's going to suck carrying it up our many, many stairs. Eeps.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Man, I've had an exhausting week. Too much stress and panic and emotion. So, this will fix me up.


I think that, in what was overall amazing trip, Tuscany, and specifically Cortona where we based ourselves, was my favorite part of the trip. Beautiful town, lots of relaxing, sunshine, exploring, amazing food, DAILY naps, and the most delicious gelato I have ever eaten in my entire life. And I ate lots.

There were views!

There was oldness! 

There was food!


There was a trip to Florence, to see the Uffizi (albeit with a two hour wait in line to get in), and the amazing duomo! Photos don't do it justice! Amazing!


There were no nukes!


There was honeymooning!


So nice to remember back so long ago...

Anywho. I've successfully been going along with my no-meat may. I've just made the spiciest vegetarian chili you've ever seen, full of roasted red peppers and zucchinis, assorted beans, corn and the usual chili suspects. It's delicious! But spicy. I did take a picture for you, but it looks like meat chili, so it really isn't that exciting. I'm going to eat a steaming bowl now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


And after Paris was Venice.

Which was lovely. I believe my postcards went something like this:
Dear Loved One, We are lost. Venice is a maze. My feet hurt. So many stairs. Can't bear another Madonna and Child painting. Eating lots of pizza. Love, A.
And it was all true. Did you know you can never get sick of pizza? True story.

Extremely happy about this pizza:

We saw every inch of Venice, and nearby islands like Burano and Torcello. It was totally fab.

Next time: Tuscany, ok?

Remember when I mused last month about going meat-free in May? Well, it's on. But it didn't start until about right now, which is May 9. So, I should probably do this until June 9. It's hard to do something like this on the road, and while I was in Denver I wasn't willing to not eat meat. Now I'm groceried up to the teeth with veggies and am making some cheesey roasted vegetable wraps for lunch this week (while H. is away on a work trip I intend to eat a lot of cheese). You're probably overwhelmed with photos today, so I will save you from the photos.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Half Here, Half There

It's been hard to find time to write. I'm in Denver for a little bit of conferencing and little bit of non-conferencing. But I haven't forgotten about my promise to write about the trip.

Let's start with Paris.

There was some of this:

And lots of this:

And a whole lot of shenanigans.

Wrapped up with some non-shenanigans. 

A real Parisian person told me my that French was good, but that my grammar was charmingly bad. DO YOU HEAR THAT, MOM? My French is good! I even asked him if he was born and raised in Paris, to be sure that he wasn't from somewhere else in France where they are more likely to say nice things like that.

That pretty much sums that up! Next time: Venice!
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