Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi Cuteface.

So, that Nino Ricci book? I liked it. I liked it a lot. I liked it ten million times more than the other Ricci book on my list. Bravo, Mr. Ricci. Bravo.

I'm about to start 29/73 - Mr. Ames Against Time (1949) by Philip Child.

For lunch this week I revisited my variation of the gyro, which, incidentally, was also what I made when I started that last Nino Ricci book. Somewhere in my mind I'm connecting Ricci with tzatziki. Yummy. But this time I tried something different - I marinated my chickens in a yogurt/garlic/feta concoction and grilled them on the griddle pan I had never used before.

And that was a good idea! Because it was delicious! Bravo, me. Bravo.

I also had the pleasure of preparing our dinner, and I made a vegetarian chili that turned out quite well! I worry about vegetarian chili not being satisfying or filling, but the answer to that is to put all kinds of beans in, I think. I also roasted some squash and red peppers, pureed them, and added them to the sauce. It adds a little something. A little pizazz.

I'm also feeling quite pleased because I've added another contender for a place to buy a house - Peekskill! I've never been there - it might be awful - but its closer than Beacon and has lovely and affordable houses, and right now it is my leading potential home town. H. and I are planning to go up there and investigate one of these days.

We also developed a Savings Plan - a goal amount to put into our savings every month so that we're prepared to make an offer next year. It is somewhat ambitious. In fact, it is even more ambitious than our Moneymoon Savings Plan that we made last year, but we're pros at saving now, and I get paid a tad more than last year - so, good luck to us! Having a goal helps me focus on saving money, and so far this year I feel like I haven't been focussed on not spending money as much as I was last year. Bring on the coupons!

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