Monday, January 3, 2011

Hi 2011!

January 3 - so far, so good. Well, almost.

I'm on 25/72 now - The Champlain Road (1939) by Franklin D. McDowell. Maybe I can even finish this reading project by this time next year. I just need to read at least one book a week.

Last night I made those much-loved salmon cakes for lunch. They are just SO GOOD. And easy. And cheap. Now I've collected a bunch of recipes to try for our lunches for the next few weeks. I'm happy to be back on the brown-bag wagon, but I seriously had to dissuade myself from going to the Pret a Manger at lunch. Instead, I went to J Crew to use a gift card, and then to Trader Joe's and got some groceries with another gift card. Yay for spending money that isn't money!

So, it seems like I'm on back on track for reading, and making my lunch, and I even bought lots of organic dairy at TJ's for cheap... But then I bought something online. A poster. It happened so fast, I could hardly stop myself! Maybe I was missing home. I don't know. I ordered this Toronto neighborhood poster from Ork Posters!

It doesn't matter, because I don't have to save ALL my pennies, like last year. Just lots and lots of them. Like millions of pennies.

H. and I also brought his Dosters poster to a framing shop yesterday to have it professionally framed. I am so looking forward to getting it back! It won't even be that expensive (if I am to believe the quote). I'm not sure how the poster jumped the queue of all the things we need to get framed, but this at least this gives me an idea of how much some of the other ones will cost, so I can plan accordingly. Yay!

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