Saturday, January 29, 2011

I love lamp.

A severe lapse in saving this week. I feel kind of like a drug addict tempted by an evening of drug-taking. You see, for some time I have been looking for a bookcase for the kitchen, to replace this yuck thing:

I have looked everywhere for something wider, taller, less ugly. We have a number of things in the kitchen to go on these shelves - not just cookbooks - that are currently on the microwave, the table and the fridge. No good. There have been times in this hunt when I was willing to pay a lot of money for what I wanted, and I even considered having something specially-made. Yipes. And then I thought cheap. And I went back and forth, and it was never a priority so I never bought one. Until this week, when there was a sale at Target. Target is always kind of cheap, so I don't know what I was so tempted by this sale. And I showed H. what I was thinking about, and he agreed that it would suit the spot, so I ordered this:

No, it isn't the most beautiful thing in the world. It's just a white folding bookcase, but I think it is kitchen-esque and will do the job it needs to do. But, as I was ordering it (Target online only), I also went ahead and bought a couple lamps. Oops. We have been looking for lamps for the guest room for a long time (on my parents' trip here two years ago they complained that there were no bedside lamps). So, H. and I agreed on two lamps for the guest room, one table and one standing. I also showed him a lamp that I thought was funny, but said I wasn't going to buy it. Anyhou, here I am ordering my Target folding bookshelf, and I thought what the hey - buy the lamps. And I did. BUT. I bought the agreed on table lamp:

And the weird lamp that I said I wasn't going to buy:

Yes, I bought an owl lamp. What the hell?? I don't know why I like it. I think its funny. Not sure where I'll put it though. I still plan on buying the other - agreed on - floor lamp, eventually. Lamps are so nice. They make things cozy. Even owl lamps. These things are due to arrive next week, and I'll post an update on how they turn out.

I recently told H. my list of the last pieces of furniture we need to buy for the apartment, since he thinks that I am furniture-obsessed and will never stop. On the list were the kitchen bookcase, the lamps, a full-length mirror, another bookcase for the guest room, and another bookcase for the office. As soon as I told him this list I felt sad. I guess at that point - when the furniture list is completed, we'll have to buy the house so I can buy more furniture.

In other news, it is exactly two weeks until my birthday! Yee-ha! H. and I are throwing a party! And you're all invited! H. and I have a menu in mind, and we decided to test run a couple things first. We thought we'd make either shami kebabs, or sheekh kebabs. So, today we made both.

First, sheekh kebabs. Pre-cooked:

And then, post-cooked:

And then shami kebabs. Being cooked:

And cooked:

I think we'll make the sheekh kebabs for the party, because they were a bit easier. Other items on the nibbles menu: tandoori chicken pieces and zucchini fritters. Maybe some potato chips? We'll see.

ALSO, we decided to order a smaller version of the delicious Brooklyn Blackout cake that we had at our wedding from Ladybird Bakery because it was SO GOOD that we've probably reminisced about that cake weekly since the wedding. Not like "Wasn't out wedding day so lovely and moving?", but "Remember how that cake was the greatest thing ever?" That cake and getting a Wii as a gift truly made it the best day of my life.

So, this party is also sure to be delicious.

Finally, speaking of owls - this is awesome.

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