Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anatomy of lunch

H. and I have plans tonight, so I might not be available this evening to give you a special February Daily Update. So, here I am at noon!

Speaking of noon - this week I made us some chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Not terribly exciting - but I was feeling absolutely uninspired by recipes. Its not easy to make new and interesting things for lunch like this - I prefer to make things that don't need to be warmed up at work, and ideally I like things to be eaten with fingers. Add to that that H. won't eat cheese (crazy) and it limits your options for excitement.

Anyway, this week I bought nice little ciabatta rolls from Trader Joe's for the sandwiches , and they were perfect.

They were just rolls, so not too big - and with all the other goodies in our lunch boxes we don't need massive sandwiches. I think we both enjoyed them, but the bag of rolls went stale quickly and I had to throw a few out this morning and use normal bread. Boo.

Izzy discovered that he also loves chicken salad. He is now completely unbearable with the begging because he thinks every time I'm in the kitchen, or opening the fridge, that he's going to get a little piece of chicken. I've never met a cat that begs so much!

With our mini chicken salad sandwiches we enjoyed Trader Joe's yogurts, an apple, almonds and a Trader Joe's fig bar.

Those fig bars are AMAZING. I am totally addicted to them.

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