Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the sun shined!

Today is really a beautiful day. So sunny, and warm (February-warm, that is - not like, June-warm). H. and I had some errands to run - a trip to the halal butcher, a stop at Starbucks, a pop into the grocery store - so we decided to do this via a leisurely walk in Bay Ridge.

First we walked over and enjoyed some coffee. My first iced-coffee of 2011. It was lovely. Are you glad to hear it?

Here is where things truly get exciting: we discovered a wonderful store. On some previous solo adventure, I had noticed the Balady Halal Market in 5th Ave. It looked big, and nice, and exciting. So, on our way to our regular butcher we nipped in. What a wonderland of Middle Eastern delights. So well stocked! So organized! So clean! SO MANY SPICES. We only picked up a few things, including tons of pita bread (one fancy kind, three bags of normal kind at $1.19/bag), some mango chutney, some red grape vinegar, some yucky pickled peppers for H. At $12, it was a pretty good deal!

And that was all good.

We didn't buy any meat there - although it looked nice and they had a good selection of pre-packaged meats that looked good. However, I found it suspicious that the butcher wasn't busy. There was nobody buying meat, whereas our usual butcher a few blocks away is always packed full of Turkish ladies buying hundreds of dollars of meat (no joke!), or local restaurant owners buying their meat for the day. That is a good sign to me, that popularity.

Something else weird about this market - they don't have the delicious Turkish cookies that I love love LOOOOOVE.
If you ever see these, buy them. I've eaten 14 today, at least.

Well. So, red grape vinegar. I've never used this. I'm assuming it is the same as red wine vinegar.

And I'm going to be using it to make Greek salad for our lunches this week. Future salad:

I have never added radishes to Greek Salad before, but it has been recommended. By whom? The internet. I'm not terribly keen on radishes, truth be told, but like eggplants, I think they're really pretty:

I forgot to buy feta cheese though. Ugh! So angry! Rage blackout angry! I could either go back out, or be feta-free for tomorrow. And I'm feeling pretty lazy, so I'm probably not going to go out and get it tonight.

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