Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hm. So.

Twice in one night! Well, I know the book post was boring. And, I didn't post on Saturday. But I'm thinking/coveting/plotting.

I got myself a quote to re-upholster the pink chair we got at the local junk shop. To refresh your memory:

And, its gonna cost a lot of money. I haven't told H. yet, because he's going to say I'm crazy. But, this isn't about to happen very soon, and its good to know about how much it will cost. They also told me how much fabric I'd need if I wanted to buy my own - 7 yards. So, that pretty much cancels out that lovely fabric I had previously admired, which would cost about your first born child x 7. I've been browsing some of the Ikea fabrics, which are dirt cheap, for something similar to that other fabrics (the one woven with diamonds, apparently). Some possibilities:

The top one (grey)?
Is this one too much?

This one would be funny:
Or, something simple. Like, a velvety fabric (right now its velvety), like the Crate & Barrel "Clara Chair" that I love:

 Decisions. None of the patterned ones would go with the curtains.

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  1. I really like the first IKEA fabric in grey. Maybe that's because I made some cushion covers out of it. It's lovely and very hard-wearing.


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