Monday, February 21, 2011

Home alone with my thoughts and my cat

I had one goal today - to go out and buy some sponges. I have had the day off for Presidents Day (though H. had to work). I decided to walk to the local Duane Reade to pick up some sponges. Sponges and ONLY sponges. Well, it didn't quite work out that way. I picked up some necessary items, like a Swiffer and some nail polish in a rather horrifying color.


A weird thing today at the Duane Reade. If you're unfamiliar with the DR, its a local drugstore chain in NYC. DR employees tend to be surly. I remember one of the ladies at a Duane Reade near an old office who scared the bejeezus out of me, had a hair-do that was pineapple-esque, cross-eyed and one day (I kid you not) wore a neon green mesh shirt and neon bra to work. Appropriate! You see, this is the charm of the DR - the surliness, the fear. Anyway, the local Duane Reade in Sunset Park has abnormally friendly employees. They are really nice, and really cheery, and from what I can tell are good at their jobs. And the store is nice and well-stocked and well-organized. Its really abnormal, but nice! Anyway, I have only been to the Sunset Park DR maybe 5 times ever, because its about 6 blocks away, and I have a Duane Reade across the street from work. Anyhou, this is becoming a very long story. The point is that they are friendly, and yet I never go there.

Today I went, picked up my very necessary items, and as I was paying I told the cashier that I didn't need any bags. She told me she remembered that from the other times I've been in! How crazy is that? I've only been there like 5 times in the past year! Am I the only person who brings re-usable bags? I don't believe myself to be memorable. Anyway, in the end, that was a really boring story.

Last night I made the black bean burgers for our lunches this week. I believe that I have perfected the recipe. As commenters at Epicurious recommend, if you let the beans dry for 30 minutes or so, they stick together better. I also made a special chipotle hot sauce/greek yogurt spread for them. I used greek yogurt because my sour cream had gone off, but sour cream would have been better.

H. also outdid himself by making some tandoori-style chicken (without the tandoor). He roasted them in their juices in the Le Creuset, like so:

And then put them in the broiler for a few minutes. The result was a-mazing.

These photos are really not appealing. I need to learn how to take photos of food.

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