Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hostages in Secaucus.

Tuesday. Lamps still in Secaucus. Tomorrow, if NJ is still holding the lamps hostage I'll call UPS and check on them. This is silly! I can't even show you Part 2 of the Ikea shenanigans until the owl lamp arrives!

Alright, let's talk about coveting for a moment. I'd really like to invest in an awesome set of sheets. I have a hard time committing though, because I also know that one day (hopefully soon) we'll get a bigger bed. But I like to admire the options.

First, I like these bird sheets from Dwell Studio.

But I feel like I've seen them everywhere (or at least the bird cushions).

And the I also like these "Gate Ash" ones.

But these Jonathan Adler ones are lovely in their simplicity.

I tend to go for the same colors - green, brown, blue. It gets a bit old, so I'm trying to avoid that with my sheets. I like white white WHITE sheets, but I'm not convinced that I'll be able to keep them crisp and white. How do people do that? Should I ask the lady who does my laundry? I don't know. Maybe I need black sheets, because I'm grimy. If I buy white sheets - do I have to bathe more?

Speaking of grimy, I may have slipped it to a coworker that I don't like to wash my hair. I don't think its that abnormal, but she probably thinks I'm a dirtball now. I even thought that maybe I should tell her that the grunge scene had a little too much effect on my formative teenage years, and that I've never gotten over it - but I'm honestly not sure if she is old enough to have any recollection of the 90s. But yes, I did think about offering that excuse.

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